Current Students

I’ve created this page so that all of you have extra material and tools to practice and learn at home. If you have suggestions for other information here (websites or handouts we use during lessons, etc.), email me!

South Jersey Band and Orchestra Directors Association (SJBODA) Audition Info 2022-23

All of my students who auditioned this year made it into their respective honor band – Congratulations!!!

New Jersey Association for Jazz Education (NJAJE) Audition Info 2022-23

Audition Info


Theory Practice:

Note Identification

Key Signature Identification


  • Bone2Pick (video) – Michael Davis, a well-known trombonist, interviews all sorts of successful brass players and others.
  • Bulletproof Musician (blog/podcast) 
  • The Brass Junkies (podcast)– Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke interview the world’s greatest brass players.
  • Digital Trombone (blog)
  • The Entrepreneurial Musician (podcast) – Andrew Hitz empowers musical entrepreneurs by providing the tools needed to succeed in today’s music business.
  • Jay Friedman (blog) – Long-time (40+) principal trombone of the Chicago Symphony discusses all things trombone & music.
  • Norman Bolter (blog) – Former 2nd trombone of the Boston Symphony & renowned teacher/soloist, Norman Bolter, discusses a variety of topics. A very unique voice in the trombone world!
  • Tim Smith (blog)
  • Will Kimball (blog) – Professor at BYU who collects tons of information about the history of the trombone and its use.